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?!?!?!? What the heck is she doing??!?!

Ok so eeveil banned me from her LJ after I left her a message previously entitled "Hey Sorry" and the message read:

"But I am not sure what exactly I am doing wrongly?
You said links only, so now i provided only links
for the gifs? Yet my post still gets deleted?!!"

And so she replied this: 

"you have to be nicer to get unban ♥"

And proceeded to ban me from leaving comments on her LJ and also from the SJ community.

So that should be the end right.

But why the hell is she still replying to my previous message? She just sent me this ''in reply to the original "Hey Sorry" message:

"nah, bb. u gotta put away your potty mouth if you want favors, and ask nicely."

Ok .... NOW.. I am a little confused.

Hasn't the issue already ended?!!!

Did I ask you for any favors since then? No right??? What the heck are you talking about??!!

And I have a potty mouth? Look who's talking?! THE IRONY?!!

And I ain't intending to ask anything from you so why are you telling me what to do as if I were intending to as you for favours all along?

For fuck sake?

And what the hell is "nah bb"?!?!?
I can't reply to your message on your LJ since you banned me. And I have NO IDEA why the heck you are still replying that message so I really hope you will read this and just stop *ahem* haressing me.

Thank you.

As highly as you guys might think of me...

I'm not the creator of http://eeveilwank.livejournal.com

Neither was I the one who gathered people together and initiated the community.

Go check the IP addresses or something if its possible. I don't post that much on LJ so I am not all that familiar with it.

I DO have a life outside of this fandom and as hard as it might be for some of you to believe it, not being on the computer all day to watch DBSK/SUJU videos won't kill me. I love them, but I am not obsessed with them as some of you guys are. -_-;;

And ok, I digress but hey man, while in Thailand for the SMTOWN Concert last month, we stayed in the same hotel as Shinee and my friend wanted to see them so she was waiting with the other fans and got barracaded up while I got so bored and annoyed while waiting for them. And don't get me wrong, I like Shinee and all, but that's just to reiterate my point that I am not your typical insanely obsessive fangirl.

Funny thing is, because of the fact that I was bored and didn't gather with the fangirls, they didn't barracade me up. So when Shinee suddenly came out of the interview room, they were like 3m away from me or something while the rest of the fans were kept a distance away from them.

And Jonghyun who was the first to come out, looked  right at me, probably wondering why I was one of the few people who were walking freely.

And no. I didn't scream for any of them. Obviously.

Ok this is probably the one and only NON-SJ post that I have on my LJ and hopefully we will keep it at that.

Because I Heart Ryeowookie ^^


How the heck did he get so fine all of a sudden and throwing us all these sexy smouldering glances?!


And just a really cute one of him.


Regarding the incident mentioned in my previous entry, I ain't even going to bother anymore.

What? You thought I would die or come crying and begging on my knees because you banned me from your community?

I honestly don't really give a damn to people who talk to me in such a condescending manner.

"If you can't see a deal when it's right in plain words, I don't know? I'm trying to be fair, because I sympathize with your dilemma. I know she can be extreme. I'm trying to be nice by saying that I'll lift the ban when you want to share something. I'm basically saying your ban has little affect and can be lifted whenever you chose. All you have to do is find something to share and then I'll lift it and all is well.

If you don't want to take that deal, no trouble to me."

Share WHAT?

Hey man, I wasn't the one who inspired an army of antis who were incensed enough to set up a community against her.

And by the way, we are talking about mod rights here so don't digress by saying how what I was saying on my own LJ is libel.

If you really want to go into the technicalities of law, hey man, your community shouldn't even be up there because it is an outright copyright infringement given that anyone can download the ENTIRE SJ album with just a click of the mouse button.

As someone had summarized it so nicely for the rest of us:

She's made a mod, and all she does is SCREAM AND YELL AND RANT at anything that's going on in the comm that makes it untidy (which is also completely her own opinion). I don't get it, if you can't stand things so much, you either make a mod post, or you stfu. Getting the job meant bearing with all those shit. Who said mod-ing was easy work? And it's especially harder when it's an open comm where EVERYONE can post, so either you be really strict with your rules, or you stfu and STOP COMPLAINING about what other people are doing. SERIOUSLY, if you'd rather an elitist comm that only a few people can post at so no one will break rules, or spam, or not combine posts, GO AHEAD. I'm sure no one would miss you.

I actually feel embarrassed to be liking the same boys as her.

And with this, I shall end this particular issue on my LJ and continue posting stuff on and off as I always do.

Thank you to the fellow LJ-ers whom I never knew but suddenly came with their messages to support me. It was much appreciated and I loved the fact that there were still many decent and sensible fans like you guys around. You guys are love! :)


K.R.Y. [Sorry Sorry] GIF

Teehee. Couldn't resist doing them.

Kyuhyun looks so dorkily adorable when he opens his mouth wide and cheers!
Ryeowook with his sexy tongue licking and smouldering gaze before breaking out into his angelic smile!
And YESUNG!!! Bwahahah! HOW CUTE IS HE?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love these 3 ^^


HELL pissed off now.

To the user named eeveil on LiveJournal:

You are so fucking rude. I don't give a shit if you are supposed to be a moderator for the SJ Livejournal
Site. You delete posts without even explaining or elaborating the reason properly and act all fucking
high and mighty by refusing to answer properly. How is that supposed to help? No wonder there were
so many shit comments about SJ fans as compared to Cassies. Seriously, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

I was going to post my Animal Farm softsubs on the site for everyone to share, but thanks to your cold and very unfriendly attitude towards me, I have decided NOT to.

Piss off high and mighty fangirl.


LOL.Yeah. Ban me from the community. I am scared and threatened. *roll eyes*

Read my lips: I don't give a damn. 

You are the PERFECT example of how one abuses their 'moderator' authority.

All I did was post my gifs to share with fellow fans.

Sure, I made a mistake, but you didn't have to be so curt in your reply because it did not explain what I did

So I tried again, thinking perhaps I got it right this time.

Unfortunately, my post got deleted again with YET another curt reply.

Being a moderator doesn't give you the right to treat others in such a manner. People make mistakes and it is the job of the admin or moderator to correct it. But that definitely does NOT place you up on the pedestal for others to worship.

If you think I am going to run begging you for forgiveness, think again.

I don't think I have to be "nicer" to you because you don't deserve it.

If you want to ban me simply because you expect me to be "nicer" in return for YOUR "niceness", you got to be kidding me.


Kim Ryeowook - Eternal Magnae

Hi everyone! :D

This is thefamouscookiedough from youtube! *waves*

If you are here, chances are that you a fan or supporter of either Kim Ryeowook and/or Super Junior.

I adore Ryeowook so much for many many reasons and he is my favourite member of Super Junior without a doubt ! I shall be using this space here to provide Ryeowook's audio links to spread some Wookie love. 

I hope that through this, more people will grow to appreciate Ryeowook's talents in singing and composing and grow to love him too as he is often overshadowed by the others. 

I am new to the whole Korean music scene and only just ventured into it this year (yes, I am a laggard) and aside from Ryeowook and the rest of Super Junior, I also listen to Dong Bang Shin Ki (alot of it), Kim Jeong Hoon/UN and bits and pieces of other groups like Epik High (really cheerful, high sprited songs), Wonder Girls, SS501, Big Bang and whatever else I come across. Oh yeah, Shinee is good too though I feel slightly paedophilic listening and watching them perform.

But yes, currently DBSK and SJ occupy most of my time

Though I have my own blog somewhere already, I will use this livejournal as an outlet to blog about my thoughts about SJ/DBSK since I don't think my friends would appreciate reading my fanlady ramblings on my normal everyday blog - I rather share them with like-minded people anyway!

Alright, that's about it for now! Hope to meet more nice DBSK and SJ fans from all around!

PS: I am NOT an avid uploader and I will NOT be constantly uploading new files like some kind people here are doing - just the ones I have.


Support Kim Ryeowook - our cute eternal magnae! 


Ryeowook Fighting!